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Food industry

The challenge you face every day is to work quickly and efficiently, while keeping all surfaces and machinery spotlessly clean. To help speed up your cleaning tasks, we provide products developed just for your business. We can streamline your clean-down operations and speed up the cleaning of machinery, utensils, surfaces and hands. That'll give you more time for what your business is all about — producing food and pleasing customers.

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Wiping in production areas

Smooth product changeovers are essential for reducing production downtime. Tork Wiping Paper is food contact approved and will quickly soak up spills and remove foodstuffs from machinery, helping you to get the job done quickly and effectively. With a range of complementary, hassle free dispensers, you can ensure there is a wiper in the right place at the right time.
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Get hygienic results more efficiently and keep machines running clean. Keep our durable, food-contact approved cloths and hygienic dispensers nearby. That way, the hard scrubbing and regular maintenance tasks get done faster. And you can focus on what matters most, making food.
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Wash station

Help your team spend more time on the production line with more convenient and efficient ways to thoroughly wash and dry hands. Our wash station recommendations can help you to prevent the spread of bacteria, before, during or after a shift.
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