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Public washroom

Keeping good hygiene standards in public washrooms is easier with low-maintenance hygiene systems. With fast-loading, sealed refills and high-capacity dispensers, you can secure good hygiene for more visitors and free up staff for more critical tasks. Use our single-sheet, multi-purpose towels to quickly wipe up spills, dry hands and reduce waste.

Hand towels

Dry hands fast to cut queues and costs with a cost-conscious, yet efficient solution. Our Tork Xpress™ Multifold Soft Hand Towels are an excellent choice. With our Tork Xpress™ Multifold Hand Towel Dispenser , consumption is controlled with one-at-a-time dispensing. That means less waste and more value.

Tork Xpress® Multifold Hand Towel Dispenser

Tork Xpress® Multifol...

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Tork Xpress Multifold Hand Towel Advanced Zfold

Tork Xpress Multifold...

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A healthcare facility also does not get a second chance to make a good first impression. Our well-designed Tork Liquid Skincare Dispensers have a modern, high-gloss design, are easily cleaned and key-locked for security and hygiene. Filled with our gentle Tork Mild Liquid Soap, it´s a mild and creamy soap with a rich, soothing lather. Proven mild to the skin in dermatology test, ideal for regular hand washing.

Tork Liquid and Spray Soap Dispenser

Tork Liquid and Spray...

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Tork Mild Liquid Soap,1000ml

Tork Mild Liquid Soap...

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Recommended products

Sanitise and moisturise with our Tork Alcohol Gel sanitiser. It disinfects hands quickly with an added moisturiser to help protect the skin.

Tork Liquid and Spray Soap Dispenser

Tork Liquid and Spray...

Article : 560000

Tork Alcohol Gel Hand Sanitizer

Tork Alcohol Gel Hand...

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Toilet paper

Recommended products

Use less, refill less and spend less with our extra high capacity Tork SmartOne® Dispenser . With sheet-by-sheet dispensing, it reduces consumption by 40%. Its robust design delivers hassle-free operation in tough environments. And its large rolls of soft Tork Advanced tissue paper require fewer refills and satisfy more visitors.

Tork SmartOne® Toilet Roll

Tork SmartOne® Toilet...

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Recommended product

Good hygiene is quickly maintained with our high-capacity Tork 50L Bin. Its covered lid keeps waste hidden away for better hygiene. They're easy to clean, empty and refill with our strong, reliable Tork Bin Liners.

Tork 50L Bin

Tork 50L Bin

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