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Treatment room

Treatment rooms are busy places. With every new patient, new caregiver and new surface contact, the risk of cross-infection multiplies. Maintaining hygiene before, during and after each patient's treatment is the only way to stop infections from spreading. Frequent washers appreciate our gentle, yet effective skincare formulations and soft hand towels. And space is tight so our dispensers are compact and easy to use, encouraging compliance. 


Recommended products

Minimise cross-contamination whilst taking care of your hands with our Tork Mild Foam Soap. This caring soap prevents skin irritation and contains moisturising and caring ingredients to protect the hands that get so frequently washed and dried. Together with its sealed refills and the Tork Foam Soap Dispenser, hygiene is maintained with cross-contamination minimised.

Tork Foam Soap Dispenser

Tork Foam Soap Dispenser

Article : 561500

Tork Mild Foam Soap

Tork Mild Foam Soap

Article : 520501

Hand towels

Product recommendations

Hand drying is an essential part of proper hand hygiene procedures, as moist, damp hands may carry bacteria and cause hands to dry out quicker.  Tork Premium and Advanced paper towels help to dry hands quickly and thoroughly whilst being gentle to the skin.

Tork Xpress® Multifold Hand Towel Dispenser

Tork Xpress® Multifol...

Article : 552000

Tork Xpress Multifold Hand Towel Advanced Zfold

Tork Xpress Multifold...

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Recommended products

Frequent sanitising is the key to infection prevention in any healthcare facility. Our Tork Alcohol Hand Sanitisers are effective against a wide variety of bacteria, viruses, mycobacteria and yeast and fungi, complying with the European Efficacy Norms in healthcare. The added moisturisers help to protect and take care of frequently sanitised skin.

Tork Liquid and Spray Soap Dispenser

Tork Liquid and Spray...

Article : 560000

Tork Alcohol Gel Hand Sanitizer

Tork Alcohol Gel Hand...

Article : 420101


During the day, there’s a need for ongoing maintenance such as wiping up spills, fluids and food remains — and lots of hand wiping. Tork Wiping Paper Plus is a multi-purpose paper that's ideal for these tasks. And with our Tork Reflex™ portable dispenser —hand-held or trolley-mounted — your team can easily grab the paper they need, right where they need it.

Tork Reflex™ Wiping Paper Plus

Tork Reflex™ Wiping P...

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Recommended product

For a more pleasant environment, our large B1 50L Tork Bin has a soft-close lid that minimises noise. They're easy to clean and easy to refill with our strong, clear Tork Bin Liners.

Tork 50L Bin

Tork 50L Bin

Article : 563000