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Motocross - The sport that requires perfection

It is adrenaline mixed with excitement, the smell of petrol in the air and a feeling that something big is going to take place. It is demanding, dirty, hard and filled with calculated risks. The drivers need to use a special type of intelligence, take split-second decisions, read the course and know to what point they can force their bikes.

PG Hjortmarker is repairing the bike of the rider that keeps the Swedish hopes up in the coming World Championship; his son Eddie. He is part of the CEC S.I. Racing team, a Latvian team that believes in, and works with, young riders from Norway, Sweden, Latvia and the US. Eddie started racing when he was seven years old and got his 50cc licence – today he is 20 and a major name in the sport. 
The team helps the young riders to grow with the sport, gives them the best conditions at the beginning of their careers. "German and Dutch teams are top ranked these days, but Sweden was one of the big countries in the sport not too long ago."
In the midst of this macho environment we find Aleksandra Steinberg, team manager in charge of PR, sponsors and everything practical such as transport and schedules that enable the team to perform at top level. "There is always a lot to do: timing the riders, solving a variety of big and small problems, helping out with the bikes during the races," she says. 
After every race, the bike is disassembled and every part of the engine is inspected, cleaned and wiped. "We have always used Tork paper," says PG Hjortmarker. "For a long time we used the blue roll, but now we are testing a white double-layered paper and it's amazing. It's super-absorbent, even extremely sticky brake fluid poses no problem."
"Motocross is very expensive, like tech-heavy sports usually are," says Aleksandra Steinberg. "We are immensely happy to have Tork as our sponsor. It is a large brand that supports and believes in us. We are thankful for the help and the support we receive, it enables us to continue working with young riders, helping them to reach the highest level."

It’s super-absorbent, even extremely sticky brake fluid poses no problem.

PG Hjortmarker

Mechanic at CEC S.I. Racing team