Keep your business running smoothly

Keep your business running smoothly

Boost your efficiency, promote hygiene and reduce waste with a napkin dispenser system suitable for your every need. With Tork Xpressnap® you save time and add significant value to your business.

Save with every napkin

Time is always in short supply. Increase your efficiency with one-at-a-time dispensing from the Tork Xpressnap Tabletop Napkin Dispenser and reduce napkin use up to 25%.*
Dispenser with napkins standing on a wooden table

Better hygiene for your business

Promote a safe and clean place for your staff and guests, with products designed to keep hygiene in focus. Tork Xpressnap dispensers are fully covered to minimise touchpoints, making sure that napkins are only touched when used and carefully protected from any dirt and moisture.

Timeless designs for every need

No matter style or preference, our wide range of designs include suitable options for every kind of business. Customise the displays to promote your business or choose our dispensers in aluminium or walnut for a refined look.

Compact and sleek design, minimising the use of counter space

A walnut tree napkin dispenser filled with napkins

Unmatched functionality

Tork Xpressnap and Tork Xpressnap Fit® dispensers are designed to help you meet staff needs. Combining high napkin capacity with refill indicators and lock plates for smart opening and reloading. They provide unmatched easy-to-use functionality for any establishment.

AD-a-Glance customisable display window

A napkin dispenser filled with napkins

There’s a Tork Xpressnap dispenser for every need

Explore our two dispenser systems to cover your specific needs. Choose your Tork Xpressnap dispenser system.


* When compared to traditional dispensers 
** Based on research comparing Tork Xpressnap Countertop system consumption and weight vs Tork traditional dispenser system (271600 with 109035)