Preparing our systems to serve generations of users

We know that you need reliable systems so that you can focus on running your business. That’s why every system we develop goes through rigorous lab and field testing and quality controls before we introduce them to you.

It’s not unusual to find Tork dispensers that are really old. Sometimes you will even come across Tork dispensers that have been on the wall since the 1980’s, meaning they will have served millions of guests with soap, hand towels and toilet paper. Because they just keep working.
 Tork Dispensers from the 1980s

Multiple tests, millions of times

In our advanced laboratories, the dispensers and refills are tested together for dispensing function, mechanical durability and chemical durability to meet our ambitious standards. We use industrial robots to ensure mechanical durability and test millions of dispensing cycles. We conduct drop-tests, scratch-tests, packaging tests, storage tests in low and high temperatures, chemical durability tests and more – ensuring that you can always trust our products to get the job done.

“We go to great lengths to ensure that our products meet the standard that makes us the global leader in professional hygiene. Try our systems – you’ll notice the difference.” 

- Agneta Rydenstam, Global Laboratory Services Manager, Tork


Designed and tested for any use

At Tork, we make products that are ready for the real world. Just because a dispenser system was originally designed for an office doesn’t mean it won’t eventually be used in a pub or sports arena, under very different conditions. Field tests expose our systems to the expected and the unexpected, ensuring they can handle both. The result is products that are as hassle-free and reliable as possible.
So, it´s not a coincidence that you sometimes find old Tork systems that are still in use. Our product testing people are out there every day, in the lab, in the field, even in the forest, to ensure our products are exceptional in quality. So that you can entrust us with hygiene and focus on what matters most – taking care of your business.