To reduce complaints, start where the impact is greatest: washrooms. 71% of cleaners agree that if dispensers were quicker and easier to refill, they would have more time for other cleaning tasks.* Ensure that cleaning and washroom maintenance are run well and efficiently with hygiene solutions that free up time for other tasks. Better cleaning quality for better workplace satisfaction.

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* June 2022 Behaviourally – Qualitative and quantitative office segment research with 600+ respondents in North America and Europe 

** The CO2e savings calculated per month for an average office with 800 employees. Estimation based on a third-party verified life-cycle assessment for EU average conditions, where avoided processes from alternative use of fresh fibres and energy were considered. Potential savings in kg CO2e is calculated based on the result from the life-cycle assessment and the collected weight reported to us. Estimate should not be used for carbon footprint calculations or reporting purposes.